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2018 - 2019 Calender of Events

September 25 October tuition due
October 25 November tuition due
October 27  Halloween Recital
October 31  Classes after 5PM Halloween night
will be rescheduled.
November 23    December tuition due
November 22-23 Thanksgiving Holiday - School Closed
December 1   Christmas Music at the Meridian Home for the Elderly
December 24   January tuition due
December 25   School Closed
January 2  School resumes
January 25 February tuition due
February 2     Winter Ensemble Recital
February 15     Piano Guild fees due
February 25       March tuition due
March 23 

MTAC Certificate of Merit evaluation at UCSB

March 25 

April tuition due

April 25  May tuition due
April 27  Piano Guild Adjudications
May 18  Spring Award Recital
May 25 June tuition due
June 25   July tuition due
July 25 August tuition due
August 25    September tuition due

Located in the Mosby Building,
601 East Ocean Ave., Suites 9

Lompoc, California, 93436

For more information call Karen C. Foreman, NCTM Director: (805) 736-9933